Welcome to the world of “Double Dragon Neon,” where twin brothers Billy and Jimmy have been honing their martial arts skills for 25 years. Embark on a nostalgic journey as you dive into this revamped version of the iconic beat ’em up game that captured the hearts of many.

Bodacious Re-Imagining

Prepare yourself for a radical re-imagining of the classic beat ’em up experience. “Double Dragon Neon” injects new life into the beloved franchise, offering a fresh take on the action-packed gameplay that made the original a hit.

Battle Through Adversity

Gear up to face a plethora of adversaries, from glass-jawed goons to deadly teleporting geishas and even scientific abominations. Test your skills and reflexes as you navigate through challenging levels filled with perilous foes.

Hunt Down Evil

Take on the role of the dynamic duo as you embark on a quest to defeat the nefarious Skullmageddon. Dive deep into the heart of danger as you fight your way through hordes of enemies to save the love of your life, Marion.